We always believed that comics and animation are for all ages and not only for kids and that was the aim behind launching Bakarmax in 2014 to create and provide a home to long-form stories which can be enjoyed by all. Since then we are trying to build a culture of people consuming homegrown comics and adult animation in India. 

In the past 7 years, from comics to producing pilot episodes of adult animated series we have come a long way. With more than 200+ comics, 20+ animated shorts and 50+ contributors around the globe, we have grown immensely – all this powered by client work that we spend 50% of our time doing. You people have always believed in our absurd ideas and experiments and we can’t thank you enough for that – but now it’s time to take the next step with the Bakarmax Zindabad membership program. (Yes we’re going to ask you for money, but we’ll cloud it in mystery for one more paragraph)


What it means

Let’s make one thing clear first – Bakarmax will remain free. We are opening up the membership plan for people who want to free us, just a tiny bit, from the burden of client work, so we can spend more time and effort on Bakarmax!

Creating comics and animation is not easy – especially in a country like ours. The industry is non-existent. We exist by sheer stubbornness – we earn our income with client work, which at times affects the production pipeline. There’s a lot of effort, time and money we put in to hire top talent, to produce and publish unique maal on our own custom made webcomic platform every week. And yet we don’t want to run ads to ruin your reading experience. By becoming a member you 


  • Enable us to create original and homegrown content.
  • Make comics and animation more diverse and democratic 
  • Support writers, illustrators and animators


100% of your membership money will go towards these goals.  

You are paving the path to a platform – where anyone with a good story and the skills to draw it can bring their characters to life. The idea is to build a community where creators and the audience can engage together, share their absurd ideas & spread Bakar. Support us to make comics and adult animation bigger and better by Adding max to our Bakar.



Membership options

Currently, we have three membership options on Buy me a coffee.

Bakar Ratna – 7$ (Rs 525)


  • One Bakarmax Comic, poster & sticker every month
  • 10% discount on all Bakarmax merchandise and services
  • Personalised caricature every six month
  • Behind the scenes – A monthly glimpse into our ongoing projects and creative process
  • Get a shout out in our new comic.


Bakar Bhushan


  • One Bakarmax Comic/poster & sticker every month
  • 5% discount on all Bakarmax merchandise and services
  • Shout out for new members
  • Work in progress updates on comics and animation


Bakar Shri


  • 5% discount on all Bakarmax merchandise and services

Add Max to our Bakar