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Animation Intern


This is a 2-month internship. You will be following a simple rule of 40-60. Where we will use 40% of your time on our own projects. May it be internal films we are working on, or client projects. This work could be anything ranging from

  • pitching in ideas
  • colouring of shots
  • In inbetweening or helping out in animation
  • Inking backgrounds

The other 60% of your time you are to use on your own personal project. This will be your internship project where you will be making a short animated video 60 seconds (ish) or multiple short videos (4X 15 seconders etc.). You will be doing everything here – from scripting to final export. We are here to help out with the how of everything.



  • You have to be funny if you need this internship.
  • Interview mei jokes crack nai kiya toh you are out –
  • You need to be able to draw. Have a good knowledge of basic fundamentals, and that is it.
  • You should have done some work related to animation and telling stories.

If this is something that excites you, send in your work on whodis@bakarmax.com



To apply for this job email your details to whodis@bakarmax.com