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Accepting applications for the position of an intern. Please check the work and qualifications list below and email whodis@bakarmax.com to apply.

At Bakarmax there are 5 kinds of internships you can apply for:

  1. Comics Internship
  2. Design Internship
  3. Animation Internship
  4. Social Media Internship
  5. Business internship

At the end of the internship, performance will be evaluated and those scoring 75% and above get a full stipend. Rest, half stipend.


Comics Internship


  • Coming up with concepts for new comics and new chapters of existing comics.
  • Ability to come up with concepts – high-level creative thinking
  • Writing for comics
  • Roughs, inking, and Coloring comics


  • Like reading comics? Like reading? Have you ever seen the inside of a book?
  • Basic drawing skills
  • Basic writing skills
  • Own computer, drawing tablet
  • Comfortable with technology and social media
  • Don’t need artists. Need funny people who can draw.
  • We want people who act on their ideas over people who talk big.


Design Internship


  • Coming up with design solutions for Bakarmax
  • Ability to find or identify a design problem and taking the initiative to fix it
  • Helping out with Client related projects, ranging from research work to final product
  • Illustration related work
  • Helping out with internal design work such as creating a title for an upcoming comic or an animated series


  • Some drawing skills
  • An eye for good design
  • Some experience in making anything related to communication design
  • Should have a keen interest in animation and design


Animation Internship


  • Inbetweening
  • Coloring
  • Finishing whole shots
  • Illustration related work
  • Character design and exploration


  • Drawing skills
  • (Optional) Basic knowledge of animation
  • Own computer, drawing tablet
  • Should have patience and appetite for learning


Social Media Internship


  • Regular publishing cycle on all SM
  • Marketing plans for each original content
  • Exploration of new social media strategies and platforms
  • Quick turnaround time.


  • Are you funny? Do you think you’re an idiot? Made fun of yourself? Can you take a joke?
  • Comfortable with the social media landscape
  • Open to exploring new technologies
  • Should be able to show growth on any SM account – personal or client
  • Ability to identify and leverage moments in line with our content and brand.
  • Should be a hyper-aware growth hacker
  • Good at writing
  • (Optional) Basic knowledge of design tools.


Business Internship


  • support sales cycle, client servicing, and operations
  • Study existing business verticals and suggest improvements
  • Keeping portfolios and all client-facing content up to date
  • Supporting the growth of original content based revenue


  • No MBA, No problem
  • Should have an appetite for growth
  • Integrity and truthfulness
  • Business experience at any small or big event or organization.


Other than specific skill sets – we are looking for people who like to work hard and are eager to explore and learn. We’re not a big fan of academic achievements. We value real-life achievement more.

To apply, send supporting pieces of work or documents that showcases your qualifications. Also, send a formal resume. Try and write a funny email maybe?



To apply for this job email your details to whodis@bakarmax.com