Brand Partnerships

Bakarmax is a one of a kind comics + animation platform and is also a growing community of artists, writers, animators, creators of all kinds who come together to not only create original content to tell their own stories, but also collaborate when we work with different kinds of clients.


So when you, as a brand or an organisation or even an individual, work with Bakarmax, we can not just produce some great content for you but also bring you access to our platform and some of the best creators from the world. And together, we can have a mutually beneficial partnership where you can leverage our reach and network to increase your brand’s visibility and more.


Some of our past brand partnerships have been with the likes of Amazon Prime with a spoof of Patal Lok called Paltu Dog, CRED for their animated film with Chacha Chaudhary and Suppandi, and Bingo for their animated films

So instead of just commissioning us to create something for you, we can also partner up and give you access to the hub of everything desi when it comes to comics and animation. For more, you can reach out to us at or check out our 101 presentations.