Shoubhik: The cab drivers of Gurgaon are a different breed. Although often overworked, underpaid and more prone to breaking rules (deliberately), these people stay true to their profession, once they’ve got in, even in their next births. Cheel Cab follows the story of one such driver, with a mission to take people from Point A to Point B, and a change in his body’s anatomy cannot deter him!

Sumit: I had this story for more than an year on my wall. I came up with after this incident: pre-uber era I had taken a 10 rupee off service, BPO cab to Dhaula Kuan but the driver was so overworked, he kept going to sleep. Eventually, he asked me to drive the Tata sumo, and he slept. He was ok going anywhere as long as I drove. I drove myself home and he didn’t take any money.

I came up with this idea, and even started making the comic First draft, but then never could. Eventually, Shoubhik saw this – and being an addict of anything transport-related he joined in. I think we have made good comic together – and a rare thing too – a Haryanavi comic! Hope you enjoy it.