In another desperate attempt to get more and more people to read Bakarmax, we present to you Bakarmax Baatcheet – a comic & animation podcast where we talk on subjects that are as varied as the comics on Bakarmax – from science fiction to Gulab Jamuns, shape-shifting tatti to daaru-shitting dwarfs and Tour De France winning Rickshawallahs.

But Bakarmax Baatcheet is not just silly humour, it’s a forum to discuss desi ideas, unexplored stories, adult animation and, at times, about our own introspection.


Episode 1 – Cylinder Boys


There are “2 types of Indian men” – the average Indian who looks like a Cylinder Boy and the fancy-looking Rajat Kapoor kinds. Based on our comic “2 types of Indian Men“, today we discuss if the concept of Cylinder Boys is real or not -and why we shouldn’t be offended when confused with an average Indian man. Presented through the individual lived experiences of Sumit Kumar, Rachit Varma, Anas Abbasi, Shikhant Sablania and Shibin Shaji



Episode 2 – Karejwa


Duniya khatam hone wali hai bas aadha ghanta bacha hai.

A 1-year anniversary episode of our comic Karejwa – a story of a boy named Pintu who wishes to eat the last Gulabjamun of his life before an Asteroid hits the earth. In this episode, we talk about the history of how this comic was made, how the collaboration happened and our eternal love for Indian sweets.

Karejwa is written by Varun Grover, Illustrated by Ankit Kapoor and Edited by Sumit Kumar. This podcast was conducted by Prakhar Gupta


Watch the video podcast here





Episode 3 – Musalman


It was a cold winter evening in Bangalore when an idea horny writer met a desperate-for-work illustrator and it was love at first sight. In the third episode of Bakarmax Baatcheet, we talk about Musalman comics –  the world’s only Sharia Law Following Superhero! We will be discussing the origin of Musalman comics, how an arrest changed the vision of Musalman, lovestruck investigation agencies and how to build a writer-illustrator relationship – with Sumit Kumar, Falah Faisal, The Artist Spud and Rahil Mohsin.


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Episode 4 – The Itch You Can’t Scratch


It was 10 years ago when Jatin Varma – the founder of Comic-Con India decided to publish Sumit Kumar‘s graphic novel – The Itch You Can’t Scratch – and little did he know that he was making the biggest mistake of his life by launching the career of the man who would go on to make world-renowned and sophisticated characters like Ichhadhaari Tatti, Babu Gosha, and more.

Today, in the latest episode of Bakarmax Baatcheet, Jatin Varma joins Sumit to discuss what went behind in creating ‘The Itch’, a boss-employee relationship, their meeting with Anurag Kashyap, and one epic cosplay party.


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Episode 5 – The CRED AD: Adult Animation Part 1

In this episode of Bakarmax Baatcheet, we have with us the team who worked on the latest CRED ad which features India’s two most lovable comic characters Chacha Chaudhary & Suppandi.

We will be discussing how we pitched the idea to CRED, our experiences working on this film and the state of adult animation in India.

Watch the CRED Ad here

Watch the Making of CRED Ad here

Watch the video podcast here