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Bakarmax (ˈbākārmaks) – maximum bullshit


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Bakarmax is literally India’s best animation and comics studio. Our award-winning webcomic (COMIC CON INDIA AWARD 2019 and 2018) and YouTube shorts have been optioned by media houses. Our graphic novels are India’s bestsellers. The work we’ve done for our clients is known for its storytelling, quality, and punctuality.


Brands: We work with clients all over India and the world. We make comic strips, mascots, animated films, wall murals, and a lot more. Here’s our detailed portfolio.


Merch: We also publish our top-performing webcomics in print. Some of our titles are Amar Bari Tomar Bari Naxalbari, The Itch You Can’t Scratch, and Bakarmax Offline. You can also find us at every Comic Con India and Indie Comix Fest. All over India.


Careers: We are looking for people who like storytelling, comics, and animation and are ready to use their expertise to help us grow in this field. Check all opportunities here.


Internship: We have a long tradition of majestic’s unpaid, but you get profit sharing and lunch. Check the internship page here.


Workshops: We conduct storytelling workshops at our Delhi studio, for different companies and in educational institutes and cafes’ all across the nation.


Brand Partnership: Many From Influential fans and global creators, we have a wide network and reach that a brand can leverage to tell its story in a unique, engaging and original way. Check the brand partnership page 

Contributors: Check the Contributor page for details

Media and press: We pride at giving funny interviews.



The Team


Sumit Kumar – Father of Bakarmax/CEO

Sumit started Bakarmax after publishing two graphic novels just to fail some more in life. He made most of the comics on Bakarmax. Read his full bio here. Sumit manages Bakarmax owned content, Contributor comics.


Sumit’s Work on Bakarmax


Rachit Varma – Vice President 

Rachit is an ex – animator who worked on Delhi Safari and then went on to work in advertising for 10 years before making a comeback.  He manages client work and vendor relationships.


Rachit’s Work on Bakarmax


Muhammad Usaid – Senior Designer 

Muhammad Usaid is a visual artist and currently a senior designer at Bakarmax. He is always ready to combine his graphic science skills with his passion for visual arts to produce something different.


Usaid’s Work on Bakarmax


Mukund Sharma – Assistant Editor & Operation Head

Mukund Sharma is a lonely cartoonist who fetishes his own sadness. He has worked in advertising agencies and has written multiple animated shorts and comic books.


Mukund’s Work on Bakarmax


Divyesh Sangani – Illustrator & Animator

Divyesh Sangani is a self-taught designer, animator and illustrator. He is learning to write.


Divyesh’s Work on Bakarmax


Subin Philip –  Animator

Subin Philip is an ex-engineer, who has also been an art teacher but his heart is in animation. He is self-taught.


Subin’s Work on Bakarmax


Joshua Thakur –  Client Servicing Executive

Joshua Thakur is a marketing professional with experience in various verticals of the industry. He is also a musician and proud owner of a momo’s joint.



Aditi Dixit –  Illustrator

Aditi Dixit is a NIFT Chennai graduate & illustrator at Bakarmax who only responds to the name Dixit Ji.


Aditi’s Work on Bakarmax


Anish Talpade –  Illustrator

Anish Talpade is a comic and manga illustrator. He has self-published two books namely ‘The Mundane Life‘ comic and ‘The Hollow manga.


Anish’s Work on Bakarmax


Nandini Singh –  Jr. Graphic Designer

Nandini Singh is an ambitious visualiser who puts abstract concepts in perspective. She keeps on seeking new platforms to explore the art of storytelling and provide visual experiences that involve viewers to become more sensitive to their surroundings.



Our shareholders are – Sumit Kumar, Pritika Tuteja, Adhiraj Singh, Reggie, Mukund Sharma & Rachit Varma.