Let me tell you about me in the third person because I am a shallow human being. (Expect name throwing)

Sumit Kumar studied engineering at GNDU. no gaali there.

Sumit Kumar interned at cartoonist Pran‘s studio. He made comics.

Sumit Kumar interned at DRDO.  Where he might’ve made 3D simulations for Indian Air Force using Open GL.

Sumit Kumar intered at HIT 95 FM which now has the subtle tagline – naacho pencho. no gaali there too.

Sumit Kumar was the assistant editor at RANDOM magazine (first time MAD magazine in India*)

Sumit Kumar may have written three stories for Savita Bhabhi. He might’ve been paid for two.

Sumit Kumar did standup briefly, enacting Lata Mangeshkar and his own characters. before all male engineers from north India decided that it was their passion.

Sumit Kumar onboarded publishers and managed a festival, as part of his boss’s “first time in India” business model. This was named Comic Con India.

Sumit Kumar’s first graphic novel The Itch You Can’t Scratch was published. Launched at first Comic Con India. It recorded his life story till then.

Sumit Kumar was fired.

Sumit Kumar worked as a freelance cartoonist. He made Kashmir Ki Kahani, TV ki kahani and other political comics for newslaundry. These explain Indian political history using simpsons like humor.

Sumit Kumar, with Adhiraj Singh wrote and drew Aaapki Poojita, the webcomic (concept for an animated show for grown ups, like simpsons. First time in India. Wow)

Sumit Kumar starts Bakarmax, the webcomic.

Sumit Kumar runs away from comics and joins MSLGROUP. He worked on clients like IFFCO and Doctors without Borders.

Sumit Kumar’s second graphic novel Amar Bari Tomar Bari Naxalbari is published. It was earlier a webcomic on Newslaundry.

Sumit Kumar runs back to comics.

Sumit Kumar is slowly dying of hunger and blaming his poor caree…