Accepting applications for the position of unpaid intern. You get a cut on the paid assignments. Boarding can be provided, if available. Part-time available. Please check work and qualifications list below and email to apply.


  • supporting the production cycle at Bakarmax
  • colouring and inking comics
  • Managing the social channels
  • development of the website
  • improving user experience on the website
  • working on live client projects.


  • Are you funny? Do you think you’re an idiot? Made fun of yourself? Can you take a joke?
  • Creative aptitude. Are you in the habit of telling people stories?
  • Like reading comics? Like reading? Have you ever seen the inside of a book?
  • Basic drawing skills
  • Basic writing skills
  • Comfortable with technology and social media
  • Don’t need artists. Need funny people who can draw.

Not any of this? Check my Airbnb Experience – Delhi Doodle.



Aakash Asru, June 2018-August 2018

“This internship was a nice “How to Dhanda” and “How to webcomics” served with a generous seasoning of cancerous jokes, “Ae upper middle class sheltered bacha”s and “Ae beta male”s. I went in confused about what to do in life, had my mind ripped open and have come out with more confusion in life. But there is a sense of achievement, I’ve learned of new things around me; it was more a life internship than a webcomic one.

 intro art

Comics: Semen Soup for the Soul


Mukund Sharma, June 2018-August 2018

“During my time at Bakarmax the most essential thing i learned was How to embrace yourself and also how your pathetic loser life can be a good content for a comic. Making comics requires patience and every idea matters. Apart from making comics you’ll get to know about different perspective of people.we used to discuss everything from politics,movies, books, history and also you get those lemon tart to eat. I love those brainstorming session we had over a comic and Maestro aka sumit kumar legendary theory of 4 chutiyon k khel hai yeh and yes following a deadline is really really important baki Bakarmax tumhe jitna paisa kamana hai kamao Lovebeast tumhare sath dega
Baja bey
( Kasam paida krne wale ki playing in the background)

 intro art

Comics: Faisal Khan 4 PM, The Legend Of Lovebeast, Life Of Nai


Shoubhik Ghosh, Dec 2017-Jan 2018

“The internship at Bakarmax taught me one thing: Drawing cartoons is not at all easy, and you need to put in your best at whatever you do. Also, Sumit believes that a story or an idea matters as much as the artwork,without which a comic becomes meaningless. Bringing out ideas is equally difficult. This internship not only made me realise these things but has also taught me to give justice to each and every cartoon I made in the future. Quoting Sumit’s golden words: There are many good artists who can draw, but if they cannot put their work out into a proper story, then it is of not much use.

 intro art

Comics: North Indian’s Guide to South India


Srishti Sharma, Sep-Oct 2017

“I was one such intern who just wanted to make some comics about funny life stories I have with zero knowledge of how webcomics work or how much commercially viable this field is. The internship gave me not only the basics of comics but an insight into the business aspects. The best and unbelievable part is the only person running all this, Sumit Kumar. The terms ‘boss’ and ‘mentor’ are of no use. You just won’t find a better person to work with than him.

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Comics: Sharmaji ki beti, Mari Nahi Budhiya


Raghav Jerath, Sep-Oct 2017

“Working at Bakarmax with Sumit was a breath of fresh air – if air was considered to be radioactive and toxic, jokes aside, I spent about two weeks or so as an intern and have been working with Sumit ever since, while I was not involved in the creative aspect of the business and more on actual financials and organizational structuring, it was very eye-opening to see the nuances that highly talented creative people such as Sumit must endure and deal with on a day to day basis. I personally wanted to help nurture my own creativity as for the last 2/3 3 years I was an excel monkey. My time at Bakarmax, helped my creativity flourish and I even learned how to draw, regardless of how horrible it was.

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No Comics, Business Internship


Ankit Kapoor, June-July 2017

“Got to learn a lot about the “business” part of design and how to successfully extort money from clients in under 4 months and also how not to make a chutiya story. This made up for the chindi circumstances under which I was overused during my Munduship at Bakarmax.”

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Comics: Switched off, the most funniest character ever


Harish Iyer, June-July 2017

The experience I gained at Bakarmax was extremely humbling and enriching. Unlike studio, working as a freelance artist has its own set of challenges and perks. The experience under the mentoring of Sumit Kumar is invaluable, as there are certain things that institutes do not teach. One learns through experience.

Finish > Perfect. This is the philosophy by which Sumit goes. We often do not finish an idea due to lack in skill set. However, finishing it will leave room for more ideas to explore.
Let go. Too much attachment could ruin an idea. One must learn to let go and take criticism head on. I rarely saw eye to eye with Sumit, however, we used our disagreements creatively.
Deadlines are real. Many nights were spent on worktable as a discipline to finish the work strictly on deadline.
Know your audience. It is very important to know what you want your audience to feel while they experience your work. Take their feedback. Observe them.”


Harjot Singh, March 2017

“My 6 odd weeks at the Bakarmax HQ were filled with wonderful joy and it was an amazing learning experience. Every object had rainbows coming out of it and I was paid on time even after taking sick leave for 5/6 weeks. With a Bakarmax internship in my CV, I will now go ahead and conquer the world.”

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Comics : Mitran Da Bootcamp, Fuhrer’s friend