Accepting applications for the position of an intern. Please check work and qualifications list below and email to apply.

At Bakarmax there are 4 kind of internships you can apply for:

  1. Comics Internship
  2. Animation Internship
  3. Social Media Internship
  4. Business internship

At the end of the internship, performance will be evaluated and those scoring 75% and above get a full stipend. Rest, half stipend.


Comics Internship


  • Coming up with concepts for new comics and new chapters of existing comics.
  • Ability to come up with concepts – high-level creative thinking
  • Writing for comics
  • Roughs, inking, and Coloring comics


  • Like reading comics? Like reading? Have you ever seen the inside of a book?
  • Basic drawing skills
  • Basic writing skills
  • Own computer, drawing tablet
  • Comfortable with technology and social media
  • Don’t need artists. Need funny people who can draw.
  • We want people who act on their ideas over people who talk big.


Animation Internship


  • Inbetweening
  • Colouring
  • Finishing whole shots
  • Illustration related work
  • Character design and exploration


  • Drawing skills
  • (Optional) Basic knowledge of animation
  • Own computer, drawing tablet
  • Should have patience and appetite for learning


Social Media Internship


  • Regular publishing cycle on all SM
  • Marketing plans for each original content
  • Exploration of new social media strategies and platforms
  • Quick turnaround time.


  • Are you funny? Do you think you’re an idiot? Made fun of yourself? Can you take a joke?
  • Comfortable with the social media landscape
  • Open to exploring new technologies
  • Should be able to show growth on any SM account – personal or client
  • Ability to identify and leverage moments in line with our content and brand.
  • Should be a hyper-aware growth hacker
  • Good at writing
  • (Optional) Basic knowledge of design tools.


Business Internship


  • support sales cycle, client servicing, and operations
  • Study existing business verticals and suggest improvements
  • Keeping portfolios and all client-facing content up to date
  • Supporting the growth of original content based revenue


  • No MBA, No problem
  • Should have an appetite for growth
  • Integrity and truthfulness
  • Business experience at any small or big event or organization.


Other than specific skill sets – we are looking for people who like to work hard and are eager to explore and learn. We’re not a big fan of academic achievements. We value real-life achievement more.

To apply, send supporting pieces of work or documents that showcases your qualifications. Also, send a formal resume. Try and write a funny email maybe?



Tanya Agarwal, May 2022 – Comic Intern

My experience with Bakarmax was great contrary despite how scared I was switching from a job to an internship. But I’m glad that I choose to do this. The whole two months were a great learning experience, everyone in the company is very genuine and kind.
I got to be a part of so many different kinds of projects and I also worked on my own comic with lots of guidance provided to me. Another opportunity was that I got to be a part of the workation and was able to meet the whole team and participate in various creative activities which was very wholesome.
Lastly, I would say the internship made me a lot more confident about my work.

intro art


Internship score

Communication – 6/10

Timelines- 8/10

Work quality- 8.5/10


Tarika Jain, July 2021 – Animation Intern

I had a great internship experience, got to learn a lot by doing it. I learnt how important feedback is and how it can seriously impact a piece of work. I had a lot of fun during these two months, particularly because-
1. I got to work on my own story from scratch and was given enough time and guidance to execute it too.
2. Everybody at Bakarmax is super cool and kind. yes for reals.

To end this short note, interning here made me a little more confident to create more stuff. so, YAAAAY!

intro art

Animation: Pooper Pigeonz

Internship score

Communication – 8/10

Timelines- 7/10

Work quality- 8/10


Subin Philip, May 2021 – Animation Intern

I experienced Bakarmax with video calls and meetings. The internship was good. I got to read cool comic books, know the flaws of my work and improve it based on constructive criticism I received from the team. The team is well experienced and I got to see how professionals manage and work with clients in a given time

intro art

Comics: PSD Boy

Internship score

Communication – 8/10

Timelines- 9/10

Work quality- 6/10


Kalash Jain, March 2021 – Design Intern

The best thing I learned from being at Bakarmax is that “an artist should know about everything but his art” which actually broaden my horizon. This was one of the best experience I had to work effectively in a small scale company. Plus I improved my sense of humour ( or maybe not ).

intro art

Comics: Essence of Bakarmax

Internship score

Communication – 7/10

Timelines- 6/10

Work quality- 7/10


Shreya Narayanan, October 2020

The memory of the interview is still fresh in my mind, with awkward silences and repeated questions, I had concluded that I’ll be interning with a bunch of lovable idiots who love talking about random shit in daylight and make brilliant comics at night. Now, if you’re planning to intern here, keep in mind that Mr. S is a tough man to please so always be ready with a story (or a lie which you can build upon later) and a heart of steel (so that cold words won’t dampen your zero self-confidence) Mr. M may seem like a badass but actually is a sweet man (don’t take advantage though). You’ll learn key rules like following deadlines, the flow of a story, and the discipline that involves making a comic.

Edit: I thought I’d really write a supercool sarcastic experience but you guys are actually sweet. Do not fret new intern, you’ll have an experience in this chapter of your life. Make it count.

intro art

Comics: HAQ

Internship score

Communication – 10/20

Timelines- 12/20

Work quality- 12/20


Divyesh Sangani, August 2020

The internship was amazing. I had a lot of fun working with the team. Learning how to grab the attention of an audience through a cartoon to talking about the fundamentals of design and storytelling led me to have a very good learning experience at Bakarmax.

intro art

Comics: Khooni Suppandi

Internship score

Communication – 23/30

Timelines- 27/30

Work quality- 26/30


Kushanth Puvada, August 2020

To be an intern at Bakarmax you need to have very good body odour, mesmerizing looks, best hygiene, 10000+ followers on Instagram (i.e; you need to be social media influenza), only if you have the above qualifications you will be accepted here……as a human being. Just kidding (NOT). But, tbh working at Bakarmax was very exciting and I had a lot of fun working as an intern here, as a noob I got to learn a lot of things about webcomics and comics in general and the amount of work that goes into making one. I am glad that this was my first internship, working under such talented and sweet human beings were the best part!

“Never make anything for everyone. Make it for yourself and 2 other stupids like you, then you realize there are 20 million other stupids like you – who feel that you are speaking for them.”
-Bakar Ratna.

intro art 

Comics: Narial Anna

Internship score

Communication – 17/20

Timelines- 12/20

Work quality- 15/20


Hardik Negi, July 2020

Bakarmax is a really cool environment that helps you grow professionally and teaches how the industry actually works. You get to learn everything from storyboarding to animation and as an intern, you’re also involved in several client projects along with the in house productions. I worked with them for over a month and it was really fun.

Intro art

Internship score

Communication – 8/30

Timelines- 16/30

Work quality- 17/30


Anukriti Singh, June 2020

Working with Bakarmax was the first-ever independent decision of mine and I am glad to say the team I worked with is a great bunch of creative people that helped to convert that “decision” into a good experience. Their main goal is to be happy and keep others happy in a very unique way. I enjoyed working here and thanks to all of them for providing me with so many new and fun things that I can apply in the future. Although Mukund did call me a spy once – but despite being a newbie they did put their trust in me with their work – Thank you team Bakarmax!

intro art

Internship score

Communication – 24/30

Timelines- 26/30

Work quality- 13/30


Shivansh Bajaj, Apr-May 2020

Ye meri pehli internship thi jo maine complete kari thi, bakki beech mai chodi thi kyuki vaha koi kaam nahi hota tha mere pass aur yaha tumhe mauka nahi millega ye bolne ka. Mai assume kar raha hu tum new intern ho iss liye yeh padh rahe ho, ye jaan lo ki Sumit apni approach mai thode tough rahenge but that will lead to building up a good work ethic for you toh sirf toughness ya thodi dant ki vajah se beech mai matt chodna internship kyuki jab khatam karoge to kuch seekh kar niklo ge parr seekhne ke liye khud hath uthna padhega dost.

Bakki ek pro tip: DON’T TEACH YOUR FATHER HOW TO MAKE BABIES! (Translation: Oversmart bann na zaleel ho jao ge!)

intro art

Comics: Mera Bharat Mahaan


Kahaani, Nov-Dec 2019

“This internship was really nice. I just wanted to make some comics and I had zero knowledge about how to make webcomics. We used to discuss about everything from books to movies. How to make fun of ourselves and how to turn our miserable stories into a bit size content which I got to know at bakarmax. IK ROZ HUMARI BHI DAAL GALEGI thanks Sumit for introducing me to this song”

 intro art

Comics: Main ladki hoon, gayabganj, Tatti Maalish


Shreyas Dutta, Nov-Dec 2019

“I was fresh out of college with a slip disc, and I applied at many places only to be turned down. Shaka Zulu was kind enough to make me realize that a failed career isn’t the end. So that’s how I approached the gateway to comic making. The journey was a roller coaster of fun and extreme learning. I have a deep respect for Shaka Zulu to the point, I think I would soon have a statue of him, worshipping it daily with garlands and offer prasad (just kidding). Shaka-Zulu is literally a Mojo-Jojo(Open for Interpretation)in the Indian Comics Industry. The only thing I wish was if my internship could be extended more, but was refused like Gandalf’s “You shall not pass”, And I do understand why. Along with Shaka Zulu, I also came across Mukund, who apart from being decent helpful and the patient is a nice narrator of stories. Although I didn’t show I was sad on the last day You all have been doing great and will do amazing in the future. I am not ashamed to say I learned a lot in this journey, Thank You Shaka Zulu(Sumit Kumar)”

 intro art

Comics: Namaskaar Thanedaar


Divij Deswal, July-August 2019

“The Bakarmax internship is a great place to rediscover or discover your love for comics, creativity, and storytelling. I got to draw comics and learn new techniques and tools. I had access to a library of books to read and refer to when I got the time. Being a masters student I did research, but I managed to make one comic. You get to meet the cartoonist’s dog – Shadow. And you get fruits to eat every day. Mangoes for 2 months straight.”

 intro art

Research Internship, Comics: Parathayaan


Bhaskar Shivakumar, March-May 2019

“It was the winter of 2018; I met Golden Eagle at Hyd-bad Comic Con the first time. Learnt about Bakarmax and the internship he was offering. A year later, i found myself enrolling for a 2 month internship right here, with a smile on my face and a can-do ignorance on my mind.  Wrong weapons of choice. The first week started off with mild tasks, humorous banter & an over all fun time. But it all changed, when the Deadlines attacked. Let me warn you, this is not an internship for the weak, soldier. You wanna intern with the Golden Eagle, you better prepare for some looong nights of dedicated work(home or office; doesnt matter), life-changing effort, and an un-dying zeal to SNATCH what you wanted to learn from him in the first place. Oh I’ve learned plenty alright, but it was not easy. In the end, I would only like to say one thing; Learning is War, Golden Eagle is your best weapon, and Deadlines are your REAL ENEMY! So use your Weapon wisely and finish the Enemy, before they finish YOU!

Fight brave, soldier..the War never ends.
– Sepoy Bronze Vulture
2019, Hyderabad Regiment. “

 intro art

Comics: How to become a comic artist : An honest guide


Shibin Shaji, Jan-Feb 2019

“While working at Bakarmax, I got introduced to a whole new art of comic making. I realised that it can be better than aj mere sath ye hua ya fir mera boyfriend pyara he doodles I find normally on Instagram. Sumit made me addicted to SNL comedy sketches and I convinced him that Rap songs are good.(psst…his favorite rapper is Baba Sehgal and Ranveer Singh)
Also, Shadow(his dog) is cool, but just don’t dance in front of her. She bites dancers.

 intro art

Comics: Idea Devi, Multiple Tongue Disorder, Tik Tok Hell


Aakash Asru, June-August 2018

“This internship was a nice “How to Dhanda” and “How to webcomics” served with a generous seasoning of cancerous jokes, “Ae upper middle class sheltered bacha”s and “Ae beta male”s. I went in confused about what to do in life, had my mind ripped open and have come out with more confusion in life. But there is a sense of achievement, I’ve learned of new things around me; it was more a life internship than a webcomic one.

 intro art

Comics: Semen Soup for the Soul


Mukund Sharma, June-August 2018

“During my time at Bakarmax the most essential thing i learned was How to embrace yourself and also how your pathetic loser life can be a good content for a comic. Making comics requires patience and every idea matters. Apart from making comics you’ll get to know about different perspective of people.we used to discuss everything from politics,movies, books, history and also you get those lemon tart to eat. I love those brainstorming session we had over a comic and Maestro aka sumit kumar legendary theory of 4 chutiyon k khel hai yeh and yes following a deadline is really really important baki Bakarmax tumhe jitna paisa kamana hai kamao Lovebeast tumhare sath dega
Baja bey
( Kasam paida krne wale ki playing in the background)

 intro art

Comics: Faisal Khan 4 PM, The Legend Of Lovebeast, Life Of Nai


Shoubhik Ghosh, Dec-Jan 2018

“The internship at Bakarmax taught me one thing: Drawing cartoons is not at all easy, and you need to put in your best at whatever you do. Also, Sumit believes that a story or an idea matters as much as the artwork,without which a comic becomes meaningless. Bringing out ideas is equally difficult. This internship not only made me realise these things but has also taught me to give justice to each and every cartoon I made in the future. Quoting Sumit’s golden words: There are many good artists who can draw, but if they cannot put their work out into a proper story, then it is of not much use.

 intro art

Comics: North Indian’s Guide to South India


Srishti Sharma, Sep-Oct 2017

“I was one such intern who just wanted to make some comics about funny life stories I have with zero knowledge of how webcomics work or how much commercially viable this field is. The internship gave me not only the basics of comics but an insight into the business aspects. The best and unbelievable part is the only person running all this, Sumit Kumar. The terms ‘boss’ and ‘mentor’ are of no use. You just won’t find a better person to work with than him.

 intro art

Comics: Sharmaji ki beti, Mari Nahi Budhiya


Raghav Jerath, Sep-Oct 2017

“Working at Bakarmax with Sumit was a breath of fresh air – if air was considered to be radioactive and toxic, jokes aside, I spent about two weeks or so as an intern and have been working with Sumit ever since, while I was not involved in the creative aspect of the business and more on actual financials and organizational structuring, it was very eye-opening to see the nuances that highly talented creative people such as Sumit must endure and deal with on a day to day basis. I personally wanted to help nurture my own creativity as for the last 2/3 3 years I was an excel monkey. My time at Bakarmax, helped my creativity flourish and I even learned how to draw, regardless of how horrible it was.

 intro art

No Comics, Business Internship


Ankit Kapoor, June-July 2017

“Got to learn a lot about the “business” part of design and how to successfully extort money from clients in under 4 months and also how not to make a chutiya story. This made up for the chindi circumstances under which I was overused during my Munduship at Bakarmax.”

 intro art

Comics: Switched off, the most funniest character ever


Harish Iyer, June-July 2017

The experience I gained at Bakarmax was extremely humbling and enriching. Unlike studio, working as a freelance artist has its own set of challenges and perks. The experience under the mentoring of Sumit Kumar is invaluable, as there are certain things that institutes do not teach. One learns through experience.

Finish > Perfect. This is the philosophy by which Sumit goes. We often do not finish an idea due to lack in skill set. However, finishing it will leave room for more ideas to explore.
Let go. Too much attachment could ruin an idea. One must learn to let go and take criticism head on. I rarely saw eye to eye with Sumit, however, we used our disagreements creatively.
Deadlines are real. Many nights were spent on worktable as a discipline to finish the work strictly on deadline.
Know your audience. It is very important to know what you want your audience to feel while they experience your work. Take their feedback. Observe them.”


Harjot Singh, March 2017

“My 6 odd weeks at the Bakarmax HQ were filled with wonderful joy and it was an amazing learning experience. Every object had rainbows coming out of it and I was paid on time even after taking sick leave for 5/6 weeks. With a Bakarmax internship in my CV, I will now go ahead and conquer the world.”

intro art

Comics : Mitran Da Bootcamp, Fuhrer’s friend