After a lot of brainstorming, bus rides to Gurgaon and metro rides to Noida, I have finally come up with this publication, which does not cover much nor does it have anything serious to consider.

Making a dummy guide was a difficult task, especially with a rusting sense of humor, and Lalaji’s (Owner of Bakarmax) help was essential. Anyway, lalaji found it baigan, but this comic is getting published because I bribed him with poroda, beef and toady.

Olso, if yenywunn feelz lige bashing ub the outhor (mallu accent), they aar free to come to koliage by oto, or search for him at Shanthinagar bus stand or Yeshwanthapur metro station. The author will be calling his boys from Frazer Town meanwhile.


On a serious note, this comic does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any person in any part of India. However, it is us who fuel these stereotypes and showing that they exist was also required.

Also, I want to thank the anonymous creators of the

1. Kerala Literacy joke

2. HD Deve Gowda meme

Shoubhik Ghosh is a journalism student, intermittent cartoonist and lover of buses. He interned at Bakarmax Dec 2017-Jan 2018. To know more about the internship, click here.