Mutiyaar: An attractive beautiful young woman, in contrast to her ‘gabru’ admirer.

I spent five years of my life in Amritsar, in Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU). And that exposed me to a healthy amount of Punjabi radiation. Not the watered down Delhi-Punjabi, but the thick as Chaashni, Punjab-Punjabi.

In Punjabi Music videos, there’s always the character of this – Mutiyaar, walking around the khet, coy, giggling, teasing while the ‘munda’ chases her singing songs. This her job. 24X7. She never stops for chai, doesn’t sleep, doesn’t volunteer at the local NGO. nothing. She only does this. Salute to Mutiyaar.

One of my earliest dreams is to compile a music album including all the tropes of punjabi music, including the “mutiyaar”. I have infact already made one song about the Mutiyaar with some good friends, but that’s for later.

Coloring this one was real pain. My reference for the Mutiyaar’s clothing was Kaur B from her song, Paranda (below). The song is gold level Mutiyaar. Walking around town swinging her choti. “Palka de saamne fail, AK saintaliyan” Wow. You should also see the photo shoot from the song. Watta pose.

Coming Soon: more field notes like this one and some stories from the real Punjab.