Finder’s Fee Program


Do you like Bakarmax? Do you like the work that we do?

Maybe you just like us as friends. Maybe you genuinely care about us and want us to grow and become what we are destined to become – India’s Greatest Comics, Animation, and Design Studio!

You might also not give a shit about us and just want to earn some extra money sitting at home. Well, whatever your reasons are to check this page out, we have something exciting for you.


What is it?

Introducing the Bakarmax Finder’s Fee Program! A never before seen or experienced referral program in the long and illustrious history of Bakarmax which can potentially make you rich overnight without you moving an inch from where you are right now.

Are you interested? Read on.


How it works

The idea is simple – you bring us a lead for a potential client (we provide services in the area of comics, illustrations, animation, design, web design/development, writing, storyboarding, and more) and if we are able to convert that lead into an actual client – we give you a cut. That’s all. That’s all there is to it.

PS – Feel free to go through our 101 deck to understand more about our work.



We will give you a flat 5% cut from every project we convert from your referrals. We are also open to increasing this if you start getting us leads that convert regularly.



They say there are no get rich quick schemes that actually work BUT THIS ONE DOES. Completely transparent and based on trust (heh heh), you can earn some cash by a simple recommendation.



If you’re interested, simply share leads with us on and let’s get this party started! Or DM us on Insta / Twitter. Or wherever else you can find us based on your preference.