Graphic Designer cum illustrator

Delhi, IN

1 position

Full time

Middle level

2-5 years of experience

Salary – industry level and Employee stock options

Company: Bakarmax


We are publishing new comics every week, and are in the process of creating an original animated series and an ambitious YouTube shorts program. We have an extensive clientele who use our services in the same domains.

Our current team has extremely strong writing and cartooning capabilities. We are heavily focused on storytelling. We are on our way to hire a senior animation head for our original animation efforts.

As a webcomic, we have been awarded BEST INDIAN WEBCOMIC by COMIC CON INDIA and have published multiple graphic novels, that are bestsellers.

We need a graphic designer cum illustrator to join our team and work with us in creating India’s strongest company in the sector of comics, cartoons and animation based storytelling.


1. Graphic Design skills – we need someone well versed in basic design principles and can create visual communication that supports our internal productions and client work. Good judgement over Color is essential as we would need colouring support on multiple projects.
The role also involves developing the design language of Bakarmax. The person will make guide all design decisions at Bakarmax.

2. Drawing skills – strong. should be in alignment with our slightly cartoonish style. This is a deal breaker – we need a designer who draws. Not someone who opens photoshop as soon as they hear the brief.

3. Softwares – should be comfortable with photoshop, illustrator and Indesign. Basic knowledge of animate or after effect helps.

4. Animation: we don’t need an animator per se, but the role requires developing storyboards, character explorations and making backgrounds for animated films.

5. Comics: The role requires drawing comics using existing characters or developing new characters and stories.

6. Support and relief: This role requires a person who can provide creative relief to both comics and animation efforts, like a creative medic. But at the same time has to be the guiding light in design aesthetic.

7. Understanding of new media: all our work involves the web. We need a person well versed with its nuances.

8. Innovative mindset: We need someone who is not looking for a job. someone who is interested in creating a company and within that, original characters, stories and new ways to deliver the stories. Someone not afraid to try new ideas, approaches and softwares.

Work will include:

1. Working on multiple commercial projects from different clients

2. Creating our design language

3. Providing support in forms of: colouring, storyboarding, background design, marketing material, social media adapts for comics.

4. Making comics and at times providing ideas for the same.

Location: Delhi, remote can be considered for exceptional cases or during the transition.

How to apply

Illustrate anything from Bakarmax – in your own style.
Create a promotional poster for an existing Bakarmax story and mail us at



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