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Bakarmax (ˈbākārmaks) – maximum bullshit


Hello, I am Sumit. Bakarmax is a platform where I publish my comics. It’s also the name of my studio in Delhi where I make these comics and regret why I didn’t do IAS.  I started Bakarmax for the lack of a big regular desi comic publisher – On Bakarmax I am trying to practice the art of funny, writing fiction and using tech in comics.  make comics based on ideas and stories that have been roaming the empty halls of my brain for long.

Aim: To create a space where we publish really creative comics – funny, researched, mind bending and well written.


Show off: I am the author of the graphic novels – The Itch You Can’t Scratch and Amar Bari Tomar Naxalbari. I am a big fan of writing book-length webcomics. Do read – Kashmir Ki Kahani, Aaapki PoojitaTV ki kahani


Publish: Because there isn’t a big web based comic publisher – I would be really happy to publish your comics, as long as we agree on some basics. Lets talk!


Brands: Working for brands gets me money, I like that. I’ve worked with the lot – Webchutney, Doctors without borders, Newslaundry, BBC, The Guardian, Agents of Ishq, RB, IFFCO etc. Case studies here:


Collaboration: working with artists, writers, researchers, scientists, teachers gives me the kicks. Write to me! mail address below.


Internship: If you want to intern with me, check the internship page here. its unpaid, but you get free housing and profit sharing.


Learning comics: Maybe you don’t know how to draw or write. You can start off with my comic making workshop DELHI DOODLE that I run in collab with Airbnb. Check here for the next date. books by app only.


Merchandise: I sell some posters, two tshirts and one mug. You can buy them on Instamojo.


Latest Itch: Getting other artists to publish on Bakarmax! and collaborating with them on freelance work!


Shoutout: These great people help me run this ship. Pritika Tuteja, my biwi for seed funding Bakarmax. My parents for a discounted working space. Pritish, Rachit for editing. Vaibhav Saxena and Pi for Dev support. All my past interns: Harjot, Harish, Ankit.


Email: write to sumit(at)bakarmax(dot)com