Dalit Card – You’re Born With It!


There is something money can’t buy, For nothing else there is Dalit Card
April 14, 2022

What started as a joke is now a reality. The inception of this idea came to Sumit when someone said to him to not use the Dalit Card and if you know Sumit you know how much he takes his joke seriously. Our Senior Designer Usaid came up with the Design of the card. We took the joke one step ahead when we decide to launch this as a real card and made a fake website – https://dalitcard.club/ We also made the above explainer video in desi teleshopping style

Disclaimer: The Card and its services displayed are not real. This is a spoof card which has been created for humour. In case you thought this was a real card, thank the geniuses at Bakarmax and follow us at https://bakarmax.com/