by Shikhant Sablania

This comic is one of the many ways “gora dalit” situation plays out for me. It’s a bag of mixed feelings, sometimes I feel I’m living a dual personality and there is always a feeling of not fitting in. On the other hand it’s also about how Dalits are represented in pop culture, films, tv, music (if at all). You can easily find Sharmaji ka beta, Santa Singh, Indutrialist Singhania, Inspector Ravi Varma, Vijay Dinanath Chauhan etc but how many of you have heard of Sablania, Galotra, Mahar.

Avoid asking a Dalit this question rather try to know more about your friendly neighbourhood kachrawala, ragpicker, mochi, mali, dhobi, seat stealer(uhm) etc…

Shikhant Sablania a.k.a Choorma is a multidisciplinary artist who works in the field of art, illustration and design. You can see his work at Choorma