These are the adventures of Poojita, who grew up on Doordarshan as India’s sweetheart from the birth of Indian TV in 1980’s to its death in the 2000s. Now Poojita has been cancelled and she and her Parivar, Bhabhi, Bauji, Baa and nanha Chintu have to live in the real world and deal with things they have never before experienced like rent, jobs, sex and continuity.

Episode 1 and only: Produceresh, Ex-official of the TV network visits Poojita and parivar one week after the show’s cancellation.

The Webcomic: Before this animated short, Poojita existed as a webcomic in 2011 where we narrated EPISODE ZERO in 174 strips. Its like a little cartoon book. If you liked this, you’ll like that. You can buy the digital copy here.

We’ve been trying to turn this idea an animated show since 2011. We’re happy that it has happened now – just by doing it and not waiting for anybody. Big thanks to all our friends and 10 fans of Poojita who helped.

This is the beginning of original desi animation by Bakarmax. Check our Youtube for more.


Full Credits:

Created by Adhiraj Singh and Sumit Kumar

Direction and Storyboards by Sumit Kumar

Animation by Sumit Kumar, Abhinav Krishna, Shibin Shaji, Bhaskar Shivakumar, Rajkanwal Suri

Sound design and Poojita theme by Manish Kestwal / Bodh Inc.

Pre Production by Adhiraj Singh, Rajkanwal Suri, Ankit Kapoor, Harish Iyer, Sumaira Shekh

Voice Cast: All female voices including Poojita, and Chintu by Srishti Sharma Bauji by Manish Kestwal, Produceresh by Bhaskar Shivakumar, Autowala by Abhinav Krishna

Webcomic credits: Shikhant Sablania, Charu Choudha, Rajkanwal Suri and Pi (uncool name Piyush Gupta)

Special Thanks:

Adhiraj hygiene and culture deptt. head Daribha Lyndem

Sumit Kumar sanity deptt. head and Bakarmax seed funding by Pritika Tuteja

Bakarmax strategy by Raghav Jerath

Special Thanks to Abhinav Krishna, Level 10 comics, Avijit Pathak, Cyrush Oshidar, Mohd. Faisal, Arunabh Kumar.

©Adhiraj Singh and Sumit Kumar All Rights Reserved.