Cheeku and Meeku was part of a larger comic idea me and Adhiraj worked on – Aaapki Poojita. Concept for an animated TV show that we tried out as a webcomic. It never really picked up in terms of traffic and after turning the script of episode 1 into a comic, over the period of a long painful year (one strip everyday), we stopped.

Aaapki Poojita had many satellite ideas, Bolne Waale Jaanwar being one of them. Bolne Waale Jaanwar is an adaptation of your childhood Champak type stories with Jumbo Haathi aur Manglu Bhediya, but with a twist – ( Champaxxx – how Adhiraj puts it)

We had many ideas for Bolne Waale Janwar series, so if you like this one, leave a comment, me and Adhiraj will make more happen.

Strip written and drawn by: Adhiraj Singh

Colored and inked by : Shikhant Sablania

You can read Aaapki Poojita here