This is a spoof of SACRED GAMES, the new Netflix series not by a gora, not trying to impress a gora, not loaded with how a Gora sees India and definitely not loaded with incestuous gang of 8 upper-middle-class standup comedians trying to impress an imaginary gora. And like any solid piece of work, Sacred Games is spoof-worthy.

I have spoofed the cheetah Varun Grover’s movie MASAAN in this comic.

I adopted a girl stray puppy from the market closeby and this is her story. I have now become my worst nightmare – A hipster “indie” artist with a “desi dog”. Hey bhagwan. Kooda hoon main. Mera gora kahan hai? Jo mujhse impress hokar mujhe set kar dega??? Gora where are you?

Another update: Vice magazine reviewed my cartooning workshop for everyone, my Airbnb experience – DELHI DOODLE. Read the review here.

If you’re in Delhi – Book it here.