Note from the creator

In 2019, during my internship at Bakarmax. I used to tell Sumit Kumar (father of Bakarmax) about my date experience & countless heartbreak stories. After my ranting, cribbing and crying, he asked me to make a comic on it. He also knighted me with the title of “Lovebeast”. I was scared about making a comic on it kyunki social media pe loser kon dekhna chahta hai? but he constantly kept pushing me to make a comic about this. He said “Isko bana aur chaap, dekhna kaise cool dude banega tu” and stupid me believed him. Anyway, I made and published Lovebeast Chapter 1 on Bakarmax and the reviews I received were not at all great. Honestly the way I wrote it was very immature.


I decided to bury the lovebeast and never take him out but little did I know another heartbreak will bring him back but this time I kept on editing the story not to write it like another immature comic and finally it is more immature than the previous one. This time I also included Radha Patkar (Comic intern) in this madness and beg her to draw this. All thanks to Radha Patkar for helping me out with this comic.


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