For those who couldn’t tell, This comic mimics the style of Children’s books, as published in India – These are mostly written and illustrated by upper-class Tam Brahm or Mallu aunties – with stories so boring that you’d gauge your eyes out. The books I am making fun of are intended to teach your Children English and morals after they have come home from the horse riding class and are preparing to go to the French class. These are also a good accessory to show off your high society parenting.

Look at Katha and you’d know. National Book Trust also publishes Children’s books – which have better stories. Illustrations in all are always top notch. Having said that, every business is tough and maybe that’s what sells.

This story is about a “Gandi Baat”, like masturbation. I intend to make more “Gandi” comics on taboo subjects like farting, nose picking, periods and much more. Masturbation and Farting in the same set? Maybe I’m mad, maybe its Maybelline.

Note: My first ever intern Harjot Singh worked with me on this. This story was a recurring joke we made on our friend Vaibhav Saxena who is currently going through a dry spell. Anas Abbasi is his best friend and worst dhokebaaz wingman ever.