From last few months, this character of a young man from Sonipat has been in my head. So much so that I had to finally finish a small plot with an interesting twist leading up to the most important characteristic of Chacha Chaudhary – Non violence.

I made some rough sketches and this cover – planning to finish the comic on my own and publish it here, later in the year.

In the meantime I was looking for an April Fool’s joke. Had many ideas – Adani group takes over Bakarmax, Bakarmax Multi Level Marketing scheme and claiming that I have been asked to draw and write a Chacha Chaudhary origin comic.

Finally with vote of my friends and permission of the Pran family I went with this one.

Everyone was so excited that i was frightening! One thing I have understood for sure – Indian comic fans are deprived of one thing – Their favorite characters being explored with permission of the IP owners – Dear Raj comics, Diamond comics publishers, the children you once published for have grown up, they have read some international comics, they now have more money – Can you move and shake a bit too?

Some questions for anyone who is reading this –

1. Should I make this CHAUDHARY comic on my own and release or maybe run a Indiegogo so that it can be published? (Just to cover costs and effort, not profits), or maybe make first, release online and if people like it then run an indiegogo and print?

2. There are 10-15 long form story ideas I have been developing for years now. As a reader what would you like to see first –  Their first chapters or Their Covers/Posters ?

Eager to hear what you have to say.