To go abroad for the first time, ah what a feeling. But for some of us, a final “You shall pass” by that CRPF uncle at the international terminal does not come easy.  I am Sumit Kumar and this is my story.

Missing that MAD internship for my own over-inflated ethics will always be my biggest regret. And it’s closing now. Here’s the link to a MAD covers archive that I recently read in whole while crying (in fetal position). (pro)

Here’s the link to my application to School of Visual Arts.

Did you like Part 1? Have you been trying to go to Foren? What’s your story?

Side note: One time a white lady told me how I could work from anywhere from the world. Why don’t I? Unable to explain her that my currency doesn’t become 50 times in other countries and I don’t have Visa on arrival everywhere, I chose to cry the whole day (in fetail position, my preferred way to cry).