This is I think is the fastest I’ve finished a chapter of this comic. Thanks to the support in inking by Aditi Dixit – our new illustrator. Feel like such a big shot manga artist type. Afreen, our comics intern helped with colors. She also made a bawaseer of the layers (3000 layers) which I had to fix. I’ve already started drawing the next chapter – It’ll be up next month!


About Small Thunder

Bhutan is on the verge of collapse. A plan to con India ends up on its head when they end up becoming the world’s smallest superpower – Small thunder!

Small Thunder is a comic that I’ve been working on for the last 9 years. I’ve written it, re-written it, went to Bhutan for research, Learnt Thangka painting basics, emailed this to every possible publisher and the literary agent there is. Wrote to Universities, funds, research programs.

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