This chapter of Small Thunder took the longest, 8 months to be honest. In feb we turned Bakarmax into a company and since then, other things kept taking precedence. More than anything, I felt bad because of our donor Sachin – who is popularly known as the Chacha Chaudhary of Comic Con Mumbai (he cosplays at every event) – He had donated for this chapter too. Sachin, here it is, sorry it took time.

In this chapter, I went Way deeper into the art. Building the story was another thing, i went back and forth making the connections, and thanks to Mukund who helped me weave this better. This is the first chapter in the comic where the story leaves Bhutanese parliament and it was fun drawing the locations. Original plan was to stay in Bhutan for one month but Covid ruined it. Drawing night is another challenge – I didn’t do too well, but I guess I will improve. Thanks Kushanth and Divsang for coloring support on this.