I wrote, rewrote this chapter many times. There are was a whole portion where the King’s petrol finishes at Changhi airport (Singapore) and they call from there. But then my good colleague – Divsang – pointed out that the story has stretched on in this space for way too long – it is time for action – and then I paced it. What will happen now? A group of Bhutanese are going to be at New Delhi railway station, without any money. A new chapter will come out sooner. promise.

Sachin who donates for every new chapter – thank you and sorry for being late. The next one is coming out sooner – in fact I am now working on Small Thunder exclusively – and for the first time in life – with help! Isn’t that great news? You can buy a coffee for this story and support us, like Sachin.

The artwork of this comic kept lagging because we were busy developing an animated show idea. But whenever I could find time, I made it. From now, I will work with a colourist on this comic – if you are a decent colourist, interested in working on this comic – please connect with us.

I know nobody reads this. There are way too many shows, movies and series popping out every day – 100s of them a day. My long drawn story, a chapter in months doesn’t stand a chance. Yet I persist with my story – because I have started and need to tell you the story – even if you are one person reading, even if I am screaming into the void.

As long as Double Dorji’s adventure continues – I will continue.