Do you agree with Double Dorji’s plan?

This chapter of Small Thunder is really special for many reasons – for the first time a reader donated a huge amount towards this story! Thanks Sachin! He cosplays as Chacha Chaudhary at Mumbai Comic Con and that’s how he wanted to be mentioned here. Actually he wanted no mention at all. But I prevailed.

He donated the amount in January but I was so busy working on Aaapki Poojita’s animated short and Jhole Waali Didi that I did not get any time to work on the chapter. As Mumbai Comic-Con was approaching – I was sweating. I didn’t want to face Sachin, not having finished the chapter. Finally, I did. Phew.

Another detail you will notice that this chapter flows vertically – which is a better reading experience for mobile. Hope you like it. Older chapters will get updated to this same style. If you want the old style to continue – let me know!

And again, Thanks Sachin! This means a lot!

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