While the write up may sound hyperbolic, unfortunately, all of it is referencing a disaster playing out in reality. I am leaving links in the reference section for those who want to learn more. The theme and content is inspired by the journey and work of my friend, Siddharth Agarwal, who has walked 3000 km along the Ganga in trying to understand and document the issues of rivers in India. His work has definitely informed my understanding of rivers.

Also, thank you Bakarmax for indulging me with this somewhat different format, which is inspired from Sam Wallman’s illustrated essay here. You can find more of my work here and here.



  1. Seaplane for Statue of Unity to cost hundreds of crocodiles their home
  2. National River Linking Project: Dream or Disaster?
  3. Walking along the Ganga
  4. National Geographic – Inside the deadly world of India’s sand mining mafia
  5. The Cauvery water dispute explained
  6. SANDRP: On world fisheries day Gujarat fish workers dependent on Narmada river demand cancellation of bhadbhut dam and rejuvenation of river
  7. Ecological degradation at Narmada’s origin in Amarkantak spells more trouble