This was the story of Bhilai. The Volcano Man is not complete fiction, parts of it is true as mentioned in an article

The story of Konstantin Khabarov (1925–1993), a famous blast furnace operator of the Magnitogorsk steel plant, who was involved in launching of blast furnaces at both Bhilai and Bokaro, is revealing.  In his memoires shared with Magnitogorsk Metal newspaper back in 1980s, Khabarov recalled being sent to Bhilai along with three other engineers to solve a major problem that occurred as result of a mistake of inexperienced workers.

“Due to some mistake the cast iron solidified in the furnace. It was too serious. The British, German and US experts advised to dismantle and rebuild the blast furnace. It would have taken at least a year to do it,” he said.

The team of Russian operators spent days and nights at the plant and did the impossible: in twelve days the dead blast furnace was operational. Since then Khabarov was called “the volcano man” among Bhilai workers. Source

Here’s a sweet Films Divison classic to tell you more

My publisher and our host Bhuwanji (Horizon Books) was not content and took it further by making it more epic by taking us to the Soviet colony. It looked like a micro Chernobyl. We couldn’t find any goodies though. Only that big Lenin painting.

Photos of Soviet colony (and some from friendship park) –