Fan fiction is usually a dominion of Gora-land. They have all these star wars, trek and other tributes floating around.

Khosla Ka Ghosla is a beautiful film. As time passes by, my fandom for it just grows. Last year, me and a friend of mine (Anas) realised that the film was going to be 10 years old on 22nd September. Yup, its big to digest but that’s true. Haha, cringe in pain us oldies. We discussed how the world of Khoslas would look ten years later and slowly this plot started to take shape.

I tried pitching this comic to a cement company (you know, builders) but they refused. Another entry in my endless people saying no list. hahaha (a drop of tear in the corner of the eye)

While in Hyderabad, in a dingy hotel, I drew the comic and put it together. But I wasn’t satisfied with it. An year later, I found the time and I improved the comic. This is the better, colored, well drawn version.

If you’re a fan too here is this article by FILM COMPANION was published on the 10th year anniv with inputs from the whole team. (Isn’t opening right now, might be up later).

Hope you enjoy this piece of fan fiction.

“Ye nahi ho sakta aap iss comic ko Dibakar Banerjee se fund karwa ke film bana do?”

“Ye nahi ho sakta main aapki taangey tod doon?”