Death is an absolute and unquestionably hard truth to the puzzle of life. It’s like a wet fart waiting silently in your rectum that splashes out loudly and smears itself onto your near and dear ones.

While nobody can really predict how they can die, dhongi Baba’s included (there! I said it). One can still have fun creating pseudo stories about how one wants to go down. I, like everybody else, would want to go out in a blaze of glory that would be talked about for ages (honestly, who wouldn’t want that?) But going, by the way, everything around you in the world is bent upon taking your sanity away, I just might succumb to the madness inflicted upon me and leave me with an unnecessarily silly death. In short, even though you might not be able to predict your death, you can always predict it to a point based on the choices you make and the trauma you’ve been exposed to all your life.

How I plan to die is an anthology edited by Shikhant Sablania.