Anas Abbasi and Vaibhav Saxena came up with the idea of OTP – what if Nuke strikes required an OTP. From then on I sat on it for a year, until it had developed to this full story. What you’re having right now is Nihari – it has been slow cooked.

I’ve also made a timelapse video for this comic. Will post it here as soon as its ready.

I am really irritated with OTPs as such. Every single thing requires an OTP. Sometimes twice within the same transaction. Now I’ll feel somewhat less irritated.

The frustration with NIC is a constant. Like every Indian, I’ve been troubled with their websites. On an occasion, I got to see their operations from up close and like most Sarkari enterprises, which have no fear of closing or motivation of profit, they work at the speed of sloths and waste taxpayer money doing obsolete things, draping it as modern. Although I still dream of making my NIC tribute website, something like this. For now, this comic will do.