Some years back I was researching agriculture when idea of a hunterer gatherer romcom hit me. Then I took it to Adhiraj for thoughts who suggested we explore Indus Valley in comedy. And it’s such a great place – a unique time in history. Coincidence – I met @oddball_comics , who was on the cusp of finishing his book – the people of Indus. He encouraged the bakwas saying- it’s 5000 years ago, it’s just a story – go crazy and it led to PANKAJ-O-DARO, the last city of Indus. The idea has been burrowed in my head for years. It’s a coincidence that i start with this little chapter today – after wrapping a conversation with the makers of Indus board game @mozaicgames

And special thanks to love of my life @tuteji for helping find the color scheme for this new series

I made the title in a terracotta tablet, 5000 year ago style.

Here are the origins, how did it get its name and in subsequent chapters you will read different adventures as you meet people of Indus, som ras smashed aryans, hunter gatherer romcom couples and maybe even the last dinosaur. Who knows?