And now – on their way back – The Bhutanese get into a whole new problem. Leaving 2 of their team mates in Delhi they start their journey back. Was it a wise decision? We will know later.

And so another chapter of Small Thunder wraps. A comic that nobody reads, but I am making this for the pursuit of finishing it – highest craft one can achieve in the creative journey. I am still making it for the artist who started episode 1. Time after time thought comes to just write rest of the story in plain text and upload and I fight it. Great thing – in the making of this chapter I visited Bhutan after 10 years. Actually one day I will make the guide to visiting Bhutan.

Lesson learnt – I rushed this episode, which led to badly done inks and when I gave it to my intern to do rough coloring, he couldnt figure what was what. And then It took me redoing the inks all over again. Lesson is that things will need the time they need and I should put in the effort when it comes rather than hurrying.