This one comes with some explaining.

I’ve grown up all over India, but never had any christian friends – not a choice. It just never happened. By the time it happened assumptions were set in my brain. Also the class thing. And all friends that came later fit that assumption of an Indian Christian.

This Khatauli church was the first time I met cheeku bechne wala who was a christian or mechanic who was a christian (mechanic and barber professions reserved for muzlems)

But on a serious note: That just shows how little my brain is. I discussed this experience with a Sukruti and later with Suzelle – two friends I met later. Sukruti said that preaching in hindi is normal. and yes poor people can be Christians. She then plugged in her hard disk and showed me videos and photos of masses in Mumbai. Suzelle is from GOA (where people dance in triangle shaped lungis), she said that it was a strange experience for her when she was working from Delhi. In some Churches she saw people taking off their chappal, Hindi singing was not that strange for her.

“Yeesu ne daali ham mein jaan to main kyun na hun tere liye balidan, Yishu tu hai mahaan”

Anyone can be christian now. Dhobi has just come to collect clothes. Is he Christian?