This story is an adaptation from a chapter in The Wandering Falcon by Jamil Ahmad. The author was a Civil servant in Pakistan and spent lot of time in frontiers like Baluchistan, Waziristan, NWFP and he combined all that he collected in this single book, with a central character called TOR BAAZ (translates to the book’s title). You can read a detailed article on the book here.

Although I have been in two minds due to the way Rape is used by the old man to make his witty logic and the related association with weakness. But I feel it makes a point about people who claim to be powerful, yet find blame in others. It is open to interpretation.

The region of Waziristan is a constant troublemaker for any overseeing government – from Britishers to the current one. Churchill was posted in these regions and he has written a detailed account of his time there.

I discovered this region, long back while I was writing a graphic novel with Adhiraj Singh which was later stolen and published as Payback. The region also inspired me to write a Savita Bhabhi story, but we had to tone it down and set it in Shimla. That was the toning it down.