In part 2: Chhotu learns some more tricks and meets the big boss.


Oye Chhotu first published in DOGS anthology by Captain Bijli comics and has been republished here with the permission of Shohei Emura.

Isn’t this the most beautiful story you’ve ever read?

Oye Chhotu is unlike any other story about dogs, it goes deep into the world of stray dogs, and with specific details constructs the world Chhotu is born in. Everything that Roadside Romeo does wrong, Oye Chhotu does right.


And if that was not enough, story of the author – Shoehi Emura is equally fascinating. In his own words which is in third person because nobody describes themselves in first person anymore…


“Shohei Emura is Delhi based Japanese comic book writer. He has often been staying in India since 2000, earlier as a student of M.S.U baroda, later as an comicbook artist researching on Indian traditional story telling forms.

During his earlier stay in India, he found street dog’s life style shows characteristic nature of dogs which he has never seen before. He made many sketches of dogs and learnt their life styles immersed into congested human’s streets. He started publishing comics in 2012 with collaborating writer Vidyun Sabhaney.

Their self publishing activity has also started at that time under the brand name “Captain Bijli Comics”. American comicbook researcher/creator/instructor Jaromir Stoll Has come to India for his research on Indian comics. Group of comicbook writers, especially the member and participated writers of PAO the anthology of comics(including Shohei himself) had several chances to casually meet together. They found most(…not all the people) of comicbook writers based in Delhi(of that time) are dog lovers. This casual chat on dogs seems turned into a future collaboration plan for Indian(…including Shohei) and American indie publishing.

Shohei already had idea to write comics about street dogs in India as a long series but didn’t find a platform matching to the format of the comics. When he heard about “DOGS!” anthology plan by Captain Bijli Comics and authors UPFRONT, He decided and submitted re-scripted street dog’s short story, “Oye Chhotu!”. The anthology was published in 2014.”