Indian troops were an integral part of the British Empire. From as early as the 18th century by the East India Company, through the expansion to across the Indian subcontinent in the years hence, it was native soldiers led by colonist officers fighting wars in faraway lands for imperialist powers. This was also the case when the Imperialist expansion started across the aether to other worlds in our planetary vicinity, where the battles for supremacy in the heavens was paid for in blood and fire by the soldiers pressed into service from the colonies of these powers. This was but the beginning, of Ram Singh Jhanjhua’s story…


~ Excerpt from ‘The Surprising and Unusual Life of Ram Singh Jhanjhua, Space Sepoy’ by Deboproyo Mouckerjéa, esq.


More images of Ram Singh Jhanjua’s fellow native units


Ram Singh Jhanjua SPACE SEPOY, written by Adhiraj Singh, illustrated by Somnath Pal, first appeared in ANTARIKSH TALES by the PULPOCRACY. For queen and country, buy the print edition here.

And do see this piece of fan art by Vishal K Bharadwaj(not that Shekspeare copy machine)