Edit: Another year. Another April fool’s day. Another prank.

Happy belated April Fool’s day.



Two years back if you would have told us that Bakarmax will be working in anime – we would have just laughed it off but life works in strange ways.

In early 2021, Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency – KOTRA approached us to collaborate with South Korean and Japanese studios to produce a collaborative series that had a distinct anime style. Honestly, we were a bit sceptical about creating anime. But as they say, FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BOLD. We decided to go ahead with it. After talking to countless South Korean/Japanese studios we hit it off with MAD house studios.

Bakarmax VP Rachit Varma says “It took 1.5 years, We even mentioned it on Shark Tank India but I guess they thought Anime isn’t important to be mentioned. But we believe in AFPB” Mad House CEO Masahiro Takahashi “We are glad that we gave Bakarmax this opportunity with AFPB and they proved themselves worthy, even convinced us to make the first episode free for the audiences to generate eyeballs”

Hope you like it!