Something big happened in 2020. Our animated short AAAPKI POOJITA was close to being greenlit at Disney plus hotstar. And this is the animated trailer we pitched our idea with.

You might have seen our pilot “episode one and only” which was released in 2019, on youtube. Well right after that we got a call from Hotstar and we were asked if we were interested in pitching a show. We spent the next 8 months prepping and pitched for a full 22 minute, 13 episode season, with a season arc, a pilot episode script and storyboards for the first episode. Right after our pitch – we were told the good news. And we started preparing the concept art, proof of concept clip, 3D tryouts, contracts, budgets. But we did not realise that we had slipped into the year 2020 and we all knew what happened in 2020. Covid thew a monkey wrench into our plans.

Our little pilot, with many others, was cancelled. That’s the day I (Sumit) learnt what it was to cry for 48 hours straight. But no trouble. We had just registered ourselves as a company and we did not have the luxury to cry – and since then we have worked hard and built – Karejwa, Cred ad, appeared on Shark Tank and are still going strong. This one to Poojita, her fake family and the crew that worked on it. Next few weeks we will show you more!

Watch Episode 1 and only here 

Trailer Credits
Directed by: Vivekananda Roy Ghatak & Sumit Kumar
Written by: Adhiraj Singh
Animation & Character Design by: Vivekananda Roy Ghatak
Backgrounds by: Ankit Kapoor
Music & SFX by: Manish Kestwal / Bodh Inc.

Voice Cast
Poojita, Bhabhi and Chintu by: Srishti Sharma
Bauji by: Manish Kestwal
Produceresh by: Vivekananda Roy Ghatak