Architecture is a beautiful profession. What makes it beautiful? This is to make a sculpture, but imagine if one had to live inside it. A window placed an inch apart could change the life of the person who lives in it. Flow of air, regulating temperature. You can impact the mood. I have lived inside good architecture, at my college. Our hostel was designed by Charles Correa. My hero and legendary architect, even before becoming a cartoonist, at my university, I used to gel best with students of architecture and urban planning. One day, when I have the time and luxury, I would love to study architecture and maybe build a small structure that respects everything good about architecture.

Leewardists, Anuj Kale’s webcomic and company, is where both my interests meet. I loved this comic immensely, and asked him if I could publish it on Bakarmax. He was nice enough to allow me.

Follow Leewardists and start exploring architecture. It’s art that changes lives. – Sumit Kumar