Comic Con India, which I helped start (I was in the founding team), celebrates fandom month every year. This year they asked some cartoonists to tell their stories – celebrating their connection with this medium.

I first shared with them Chinchin – my Chacha Chaudhary Tintin mashup. They asked if I could tell a story featuring these two and I thought of answering one question – Why doesn’t Chacha have many international adventures? (There’s Chacha Chaudhary and Scotland Yard, which is an epic read BTW, ft. James Bond)

And the obvious answer to the question is VISA PROBLEMS. We live in the Gora man’s world and so does Chacha. I am pretty sure that Chacha and Sabu would go through the same humiliation that every Indian faces when we have to travel to Goraland.

This was published by Comic Con India as Kaka Chaudhary… – Some legal issues. I am publishing it here in its original form. If the estate of cartoonist Pran objects, I will cease and desist. The same estate that just cozied up to Modi. This almost made me dump this comic – but someone said that the character is shared heritage of the readers too.