The title of this comic is a bit misleading. If you came here looking for a step by step guide on making comics, then I am sorry to have disappointed you. ( You can attend one of the workshops by Bakarmax on comic making – I have lifted generous amounts of ideas from there.. just saying.)

While creative processes can be explained in a thousand different ways, I am taking a very roundabout route to explain something that I think is the crux of all creative work – a state of flow. A state where you are really one with your work – whether that work is designing a module for space travel (ahem..wishful thinking for next life..) or making comics. Ha!

Because the output is never really guaranteed. What we can really attempt is to surrender to the process itself and hope that we can find “The Flow”. What comes out of it is often entirely out of our control.

So what is your process to find your flow? Please share with us.