Simple story: Bhutan is on the verge of collapse. A plan to con India ends up on its head when they end up becoming the world’s smallest superpower – Small thunder!

Small Thunder is a comic that I’ve been working on for last 5 years. I’ve written it, re-written it, went to Bhutan for research, Learnt Thangka painting basics, emailed this to every possible publisher and literary agent there is. Wrote to Universities, funds, research programs – everything. Nothing has happened so far. I too got busy with other things and left it at chapter 4. This is a 20 chapter story.


Just to make sure that I would not offend the Bhutanese with wrong depiction, I wrote to Kunga Tenzin Dorji (overall rockstar and logical person) – who I saw performing at the SAARC musical festival in Delhi and pinged at random. He was extremely generous and kept responding till I was working on this. I have drawn and redrawn so many versions of this, I am not sure if this one contains all the edits suggested by him. Thank you Kunga.

Did you like the story? Does it deserve to be completed? What are your thoughts? Share in the comments below. If you are someone who can empower this project – Email me (check the about section)

If not, then consider this little part of the web, this story’s grave.

Special thanks to:

Adhiraj, who introduced me to the source material for this story.

Saad Akhtar who discussed the possibility to turn this into a small webcomic.

Rajkanwal Suri who helped me colour some of this. also Animated sections of it.

All who I have bored telling this story again and again and again.


EDIT: Appears this will not be this idea’s grave. It’s happening!!!