In my first placement interview, I was asked -“How will you improve your college?”. I gave the smoothest delivery of 5 lines in English and got my first job. “Infrastructure” and “Sanitation” were some of the words thrown into that answer because “bolne me kya jaata hai”.. Well, to be fair, the lady Hiring Manager probably had to use the same toilet, so she would know exactly what I meant. high five!

But it was only when the recent women-student protests happened that I thought.. “saala.. humko bhi ye karna chahiye tha”. But none of us demanded anything, partly because we never thought we could demand it and partly because we didn’t expect anyone to do anything about it. Our priority was “Get a Job” and that meant “Don’t mess with the Authority” and so we suffered the terrible toilets collectively and silently for 4 years. Wait.. now why does this sound like the macro-political situation in the country right now? No No No No.. This cartoon is not meant to be political. This is just about toilets or lack thereof.. I had a lot of fun drawing this. I hope you enjoy reading this. Check out more of my work at